Electric waste collection bike
Further development of VDL Containersystemen on the waste collection bicycle project in Waalre, the Netherlands.

Electric waste collection bike

9 February 2018

Following the pilot project 'collecting waste with a raw materials bicycle' that was started last year in the municipality of Waalre, VDL Containersystemen is now coming up with its own design for the waste bicycle. Apart from the fact that the total weight now comes to just under 700 kg including the driver, the design remains the same. The waste bike collects food waste, diapers, residual waste and PMD (plastic, metal, drinks cartons).

Equipped with four container boxes divided over the bike and a trailer, the whole is about 5 meters long but can still turn at right angles to get into any street, courtyard or district. The bike is electric and equipped with a small battery that allows a fixed number of trips per day.

Emptying is done through the bottom. When the fully loaded bicycle is parked in a specially prepared rack, the bins can tilt, with the underside unfolding and the collected recyclable material slipping out into a large standard disposal container. At the IFAT Entsorga in Munich in May 2018, we won the third prize with this innovation.