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LUF Fire-Fighter with novelty on China Fire
Fire fighting vehicle with LUF nebulizer fan

LUF Fire-Fighter with novelty on China Fire

19 August 2019

For our customer LUF in Austria we have delivered a hooklift system that together with the main product of this company results in a special combination. A second installation has already been ordered by means of a proven match!

LUF is a company that supplies equipment for firefighting. The shown demountable complete is called a " Ventilation unit ". Due to the large rotating mist-fan the fire can be covered with water (mist) or foam and at the same time by the air-flow expansion can be prevented.
The tank with nebulizer together is constructed on a MAN truck with a VDL hooklift S21-6200 DIN with Wetkit and can therefore be used in any required place.

LUF does not only focus on Austria, but is particularly focused on exports. LUF's fire fighting support vehicles and pump systems for the fire brigade industry are found all over the world. This fire-fighting support vehicle was made for project China. There, the vehicle will be exhibited at the China Fire Exhibition.

CHINA FIRE is a large-scale and influential international fire brigade exhibition and technology exchange, sponsored by the China Fire Protection Association. China Fire will take place from 16 to 19 October in Beijing.